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Letters 7-30-14

Now They See The Nature Of The Russian Communists!


When the Russian Communists (we believe) forced the Polish plane with the Polish President and 90 other officials on board to crash, no one much cared in the West.

Now, with the shooting down of the Dutch (Malaysian) plane, the West is now learning the nature of the Russian Communists.

God tells us to forgive, but it’s tough to forgive those Communist (and) Nazi types.




Help Vision Habitat And The Homeless Mission

Economic hard times may be felt by us all but Americans are the most generous people when it comes to helping the needy. Each year the Association of the Sons of Poland, a Fraternal Benefit Society organized in 1903, asks for help from members, neighbors and friends to help assist those in New Jersey who have special needs. WE OFFER OUR THANKS TO THE MANY OF YOU WHO HAVE VISITED OUR OFFICE THROUGHOUT THESE YEARS WITH DONATIONS.

We will accept donations throughout August and September. They may be brought to the Home Office located at 333 Hackensack Street in Carlstadt, NJ from the hours of 9:00 to 4:00, Monday through Thursday.

Needed are USED GLASSES and UNUSED TOILETRIES. This year the mission has a special request for men’s NEW socks and underwear, All donations will then be brought to the New Jersey Fraternal Congress Convention. The Association of the Sons of Poland has been recognized as the most generous Fraternal in the state and we AGAIN offer our gratitude to all our insured members, friends and neighbors.

For more information, call the Association of the Sons of Poland during business hours or leave a message at 201-935-2807.