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Letters 7-24-13

South Korea Marks 60th Anniversary

South Korea marks the 60th Anniversary of the July 27, 1953 Armistice that brought a ceasefire, but no peace treaty, leaving the Koreas technically still at war today. Byun Myung Mo 54 a farmer said, “Without America, everything would belong to North Korea. There would be no food, no life. We would be stuck in one country without communication with the outside world.” He says, “But in South Korea we love freedom and democracy, that’s why we can develop so much.”

Seoul today is a ultra modern city. When I was there in 1952, Seoul was nothing but rubble – the whole country was rubble. South Korea today has the 13th largest economy in the world, ranks 3rd in the world graduating science and math students, No. 1 in the world production of cell phones and T.V.s.

The war cost the U.S. 38,000 dead, 104,000 wounded, 8,000 missing. South Korea was saved.

God bless our troops, God bless America, and remember… Freedom is not free. Ask a South Korean.



Thanks For The News… Post Eagle!

Thanks Post Eagle for your interesting & informative editorials, articles, weekly features, letters to the eitor – always find good reading in every issue.

Keep up the good work!



Red Hat Angels Thanks All For Their Support

Post Eagle

The Red Hat Angels, a team in the Relay for Life Clifton had an exceptional year with fundraising.

I would like to thank the citizens of Clifton, our families and friends for their continued support and believing in us. We couldn’t have raised over $27,000 if it weren’t for you! You came to our ice cream social, bingo, tricky tray, and garage sale.

The businesses who so graciously sponsored our fundraisers were Bruno’s Pizzeria and Restaurant and the Allwood Diner. Tony Di Marco at Hot Bagels Abroad and the Stop and Shop were generous with allowing us to “shake a can” at their stores. Thank you all for your support and generosity.

The 16 member team worked endlessly all year. Cancer doesn’t take a break and neither did the Angels.

The RFL Clifton raised over $112,000, a banner year for the 65 teams. We look forward to another year that will bring us closer to a cure. Watch for our fundraisers and come and join us!

Thank you to our media groups who published the weekly fundraisers for our team as well as many of the other teams.

With much appreciation,
Chris Liszner
Team Captain
Red Hat Angels