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Letters 7-23-14

They Won’t Let One Marine Out, But We Let Out Thousands!!!!

Today is day 101 that our marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi is being held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn at our mutual border and crossing into Mexico. A MISTAKE by a young Marine who was arrested, threatened, chained to his cot for 35 days and remains there in limbo. This President, HIS Commander-in-Chief, has not addressed this publicly, has not mentioned it for 101 days. NOT ONCE!

If you watch the main TV news stations, I would be surprised if you even know about this young Marine’s plight. The only station that covered it completely and is still covering it is FOX.

I believe this President’s failure to address this is tied to his distain for the military. High ranking military career officers who do not agree with his tactics are drummed out or forced to resign leaving only the “yes” men who agree with his attempt to destroy the military’s strength.

Do you remember finding out last month that this administration released 36,000 convicted illegal felons back into the general population here? Illegals who were arrested and convicted of these crimes:

16,070            convicted of drug or drunk driving
193            homicide convictions
426            sex assault convictions
303            kidnapping convictions
1075            aggravated assault  convictions
9187            dangerous drug convictions

All of these illegal aliens violated existing laws to get here! Compare the treatment our government gives these 36,000 criminals to the treatment of ONE Marine in Mexico. The President could bring him home with one phone call!


Can’t you figure out what is going on in our country?



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