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Letters 7-2-14

It Was His Intent From Day One!

The Community Organizer who has “a phone and a pen” but no shame, integrity, common sense, pride in this country or respect for our Constitution or standing law is the poster boy for evil and the role model for Harry, Nancy, Chuck and many other degenerate Democrats.

There are so many scandals directly linked to the President, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the President’s advisors, it’s difficult to choose which one is the most dangerous. Let’s begin with one of the newest, the release of the five most experienced terrorists, two of whom are accused by the UN of crimes against humanity, for the return of an accused deserter. Who is making these dangerous military decisions? The President rejected the advice from career military officers and those in the intelligence community who told him it was a mistake to free these five. He did it anyway, so who is he listening to? Valerie Jarrett? Susan Rice? Michelle Obama? Samantha Power? Marie Harf or the snippy Jen Psaki of the State Dept.? He needs to realize that he has many military strategists available to him and that he may be the leader of the orchestra, but he cannot play all the instruments!

The President announced today that he is sending 300 “military advisors” to Iraq. These are not “combat troops”. It is my understanding that without a “state of forces agreement”, these military men are subject to prosecution by that government for war crimes if they engage with the enemy and wound or kill their citizens.

I used to think this President and his close advisors were just ill-prepared, inept, naive and lacking in business or leadership experience and except or his “community organizer” work and “present” votes in the Senate was the most in-experienced or knowledgeable person at any meeting. I now think that all these decisions resulted in intended consequences. No one can be that inept in ALL areas. The only conclusion for me is that the destruction of our country and our way of life was his intent from day one! WAKE UP AMERICANS!