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Letters 6-26-13

Thanks Post Eagle For Helping To Keep Readers Informed of Event

Letter to the Editor
Post Eagle

Re: Relay for Life

Dear Chris,

I am so appreciative of your generous contribution and weekly articles about the Relay for Life fundraisers and news.

Your media coverage was a great source of contribution to the success of our events. You kept the Clifton citizens abreast of all our events and especially our fundraisers. The citizens of Clifton were very informed and aware of the Relay this year because of your generous coverage.

Our event was Saturday, June 8, 2013. We had 65 teams, over 800 participants, and as of today, we raised $105,000 with donations still being received.

Thank you for being a part of Creating More Birthdays and Less Cancer.

Chris… I look forward to working with you again!

Chris Liszner
Publicity Chairperson