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Letters 6-19-13

Until There Is A Better Way, We Should Search Communications

Dear Uncle Sam,
Hi! How R ya?

I recall wars involving Americans: WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam with battles on land, sea, in air, against uniformed troops in areas held by enemies. Scouts, patrols probed positions and strengths. War changed in Viet Nam! Un-uniformed enemy in civilian garb mingled among populace to kill Americans and U.N. Troops.

Today’s Terrorists in civilian garb are killing civilian – military – Americans at home and abroad. They communicate via electronic media. How do our land, sea, air military-scouts and patrols locate them?

Terrorists communicate. Until better way is found to find, stop them from killing Americans and allies, I’m with President Obama & National Security Agency – probe, search communications to find and stop terrorists preparing to kill us – me.

Not being in Boston for Marathon; or a student during massacres; or a subway rider during those bombings; or in WTC on September 11th, I’m alive today.

I’m blessed to be an American, but my Freedom is not free while strangers hate me. Who teaches Hate? Can we become non-enemies who enjoy Peace on Earth?



Scandals Make Nixon Look Like A Choir Boy

Pat Grzywacz, your letter of May 29th, was great and true. This administration is nothing but a pack of liars. Benghazi Massacre, AP Wire Tapping, IRS abuses and this President pulls a Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes – “I know nothing”, “I know nothing”. Where is Hillary Clinton? These scandals make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. When will Congress impeach President Obama? I doubt it. What a shame. God Bless our troops, God bless America, and remember…. Freedom is not free!



They Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It


A “letter to the editor” of one of the papers I write to complained that he is canceling his subscription because he doesn’t like my print on certain politicians. What an egonik! I read his junk, but won’t cancel on account of it. Those guys can dish it out, but can’t take it.

I’m wondering if the “P-E” has those types?



Reader Shares Thoughts About Many Interesting Articles In PE

The Post Eagle Staff

Another truly informative issue – May 1, 2013; couldn’t be more appropriate for St. Joseph’s Day.

Expanding on opinions, printed on page 2 – “Get Involved” – write:

Highlighting only a few articles of this issue; 1. 800,000 trees planted in Israel that represent the 800,000 Jews saved by the Catholic Church; 2. Kindness shown during horror of Civil War (Stanislaus Mlotkowski) – history should be our guide – the quote from the diary of Rev. Handy about Mlotkowski … “He is a clever, social fellow who acknowledges his ignorance of American politics… he treats the rebels with kindness… his fairness… determination to recognize the goodness of human beings were exemplary.”

My thoughts of many good printed articles.

Another interesting article on page 2 about the Boston Massacre.

Nuff said.


P.S. Very appropriate tribute of “Chet” in a previous issue of