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Letters 6-11-14

President’s Anti-Terrorism Plan Should Begin Right Here At Home

President Obama’s West Point commencement “I am not weak” speech was interesting in that he revealed his plan to institute an anti-terrorism fund of 5 billion dollars for use by countries in Europe and the Middle East to combat terrorism.

An admirable fairy tale dream for someone who views the world as he wishes it were rather than what it really is. I think our citizens would be better served if he began his anti-terrorism plan right here at home by instructing Eric Holder and Jay Johnson to uphold standing law, secure our borders and stop the musical chairs deportation policy. Our border patrol apprehended 123,000 illegals in Arizona alone and the same people are deported and return over and over again, depleting our allocated funds for these operations and taxing the border patrol officers.

President Obama said the most direct threat to the world and our nation is terrorism. If he really believes that, he should instruct Eric Holder to drop the lawsuits the government has brought against the states who are following the law.

This West Point speech would have been the perfect venue for the President to address the VA scandal and to assure these young military graduates, who, in all probability, will eventually require VA services, that the system will be fixed so they will not suffer the same fate.

I also think he should have addressed the plight of Marine Sargeant Andrew Tahmooressi who is being held in a Mexican prison. After all, the speaker is the Commander-in-Chief, supposedly, the most powerful man in the world who has “a pen and a phone”. I’m sure more than one graduate wondered why the Marine is still sitting in Mexico.




Where Is Bobby?

Congrats to Duane Bobick for being inducted into the Polish American Sports “Hall of Fame”.

However what about BOBBY CZYZ? How many world championships did Bobby set (4-5)? How many years did Bobby thrill us at “Ice World”, South Orange, NJ arena and many other local and distant matches over the years.

Lastly, his great ringside announcing, as compared to the punchy, marble-mouthed announcers we have now! Right on Bobby!