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LETTERS 5-15-13

Deliberate Attempt To  Put Responsibility On Poland Instead of Germany

This continuous distortion of Poland’s role in WWII Re: Polish death camps, Polish anti-semitism etc. and Israel’s close bonding with Germany is a perfect example of the Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which strong emotional ties develop between two persons where one abuses the other. It seems a deliberate attempt is being made in the media to transfer responsibility for all the terror to the Polish people and Poland and not to Germany where it belongs. Jews seem to love Germany and Berlin but hate anything and everything Polish. Is it because of Germany’s never-ending payment of compensation, reparation?? Or Germany’s continuous supplying apartheid i$rael with dolphin submarines. Does money talk? A great book is The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finklestein whose parents were Holocaust survivors… Needless to say, he is shunned and harassed for the exposition of the truth regarding jewi$h-i$raeli dealing with compensation-reparation-money-guilt.



How About The Homeless Veterans!


Five living Presidents attended the opening of the President Bush Library in Texas. How about they attend the opening of a Veterans’ Care Center to house veterans!
What’s more important books or veterans? Homeless vets are in dire need of help!!



What Happened To M.T.V. & Music Channels?

Dear Christine,

I’m writing ‘bout the great American culture.
One of the most  notable failures (culturally speaking) in modern American culture is the Cable channel M.T.V. M.T.V. stands for Music Television. Rarely is the product on their channel about music. Early on in the life of M.T.V., we saw cheap presentations of what we acknowledge as rock ‘n roll. Live concert footage was the opposite of what was shown; the art of music was replaced by social comment. Now that I think of it, live concert footage is far superior to studio music even without the social comment. VHI, another cable channel, is a pacifier that the stiffs give us while MTV is devoted to the juveniles.