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LETTERS 4-24-13

Again…. Polish Jokes?!

Liz Vaccaiello


The May 2013 Issue of Readers Digest, page 181, contains an ethnic joke. What do you expect to gain by allowing ethnic jokes to be printed in this magazine? I contacted several POLISH ORGANIZATIONS to boycott this magazine and boycott this magazine’s sponsors. Shame on YOU. Why do you stoop so low; have you run out of material to print?

I will not renew the Readers Digest. I will advise all POLISH organizations regarding your discriminatory joke.

Proud to be Polish.
Zofia Dobek

New Jersey


Looks Forward To The Post Eagle Each Week

Every Monday I look forward to receiving the Post Eagle. I read the letters to the Editor. Our country is a wonderful country. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Liberalism has never worked, it never will, look at Europe.

I look forward to the recipes and the Polish puzzles. I’m learning Polish! I read where the bands are playing locally too.

Thank you again for a wonderful paper!

God Bless