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Letters 4-23-14

Don’t Attack Messenger, Understand The Message 

Letter to the Editor:

In response to Ms. Navaleney’s letter of April 2, it would appear that she may be confusing attacking the messenger with understanding the message. Surely no Catholic wishing “to keep the faith” can overlook the tragedy of the child abuse crises in the Catholic church.

The hierarchy’s defensive responses to this great Catholic tragedy has divided and demoralized the Catholic community. Its responses have emptied and closed many churches, forcing them to merge with neighboring parishes. Those priests and nuns who do the good work of the church are handicapped by association, in the public’s mind, by those who do not serve the church well.

Rather than turning inward to meet this crisis with angry inflexibility, embracing and protecting the church’s victims and working toward restoring the church’s traditions of service, sacrifice, charity and community are the duties of every Catholic and their supporters.

Phyllis Merriam



Like It Is

I would like to take issue with Phyllis Merriam (3-19 letter in PE), but unfortunately, virtually everything she has said has been published by the mass media.

Where we differ is militant Islamism, which is worldwide and militant secularism.

These two ARE a plague! As for toleration of pedophile priests, the only persons who tolerate them are their own kind.

The Catholic Church is guilty of protecting them and it should use some of their billions to clean house. Likewise, let us put an end to their tax free status!

For any who think pedophile priests are something new, think again. This goes back centuries. I am unable to give any data, like the country & date, but, in Europe nuns bore infants by priests in record numbers, far greater than here.

True, most Catholics are no longer shocked by criminal behavior by priests.

Remember, when we were told to eat fish on Friday? Why? Did the church make a deal with the fish markets? Why did they end this? What happened to “venial sins”?  Obsolete?

I never heard of Marcial Maciel but apparently he was in charge of these outlaw priests in S. America.

Look how Communion has changed! ALL these church-created edicts have been either dropped or “modified”.

To add, if Jesus were alive today, he probably would say, “Yo, Peter, open the gates!”