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LETTERS 4-10-13

Only Those Who Respect The Constitution Should Be Voted In

Right on Pat Grzywacz! You hit the nail on the head with all that you wrote in your letter to the Post Eagle of 3-20-13 about President Obama’s not upholding the Constitution. I agree with everything that you wrote about President Obama, however, I also  cannot condemn him without doing the same to the previous three Presidents who abused the constitution to the nth degree.

One example of this is Bush two). In an oval office meeting in ‘05, with Phyllis Schlafly a conservative writer for the Eagle Forum, along with Congressman Bob Barr from Georgia (R), and also a third member in attendance who represented the ACLU, all three asked President Bush not to extend the (Patriot Act). His sarcastic answer was “I’m the damn President”. An Aide to the President mentioned that certain provisions in the Patriot Act undermine the Constitution. The President replied thusly…  “Don’t throw the Constitution in my face. It’s nothing more than a God d- – – piece of paper”. And that was minor to what else was done in the last 25 years by the previous occupiers of the White House.

I being a constitutional conservative will vote for only those candidates that have shown respect to the constitution, that which I consider to be the greatest document  since the ten commandments.

Alexander Karwoski



Dear Christine,

I’m writing about the act called “loitering”.

Loitering is one of the most degrading acts one can commit. Standing alone or in a group, the loiterer says to those passing him or herself, “I have no pressing appointment at the present.”

We should designate shopping districts, private property and public buildings as off limits to loitering.

At the current time, loitering is disallowed only on private property.

In closing, what a grand thing it would be having loitering zones for the down on your luck (myself).

In Hyde Park in England, there is an area for public debate where people can gather to cheer on any (almost) speaker.

‘Nuff said.