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Letters 3-6-13

It’s Not Guns… It’s The Unstable Mind!

I have a different take on the instant push for action on the gun banning issue by this President and those who agree with him. As tragic as the loss of a child or another loved one to violent crime is, the answer is not the banning of guns and ammunition. Guns are not the problem. The unstable mind is the problem.

I believe the downward spiral began in the 80’s when the liberal minds in our government decided to close our mental hospitals; putting the patients who resided in these hospitals, most of whom were on heavy duty psychiatric medications, back with mainstream society, group homes or back into family care without the supervision, structure and follow-up provided them when housed in a specific facility.

When viewing the TV coverage of the last horrific massacre and many of the previous incidents, I was struck by the fact that these shooters were the same people or rather the people with the same mental instability of the patients I cared for when I worked at Fairfield Hills, the State Mental Hospital in Newtown, Connecticut.

As much as the government officials would like you to believe that these patients are just like you and me, they are not. Many of these people committing these horrific acts were on prescription drugs, sometimes without the discipline or mind clarity to take them as prescribed, or take them at all.

I do not believe the purpose of this hysterical rush to ban guns and ammunition by this President is a sincere attempt to prevent future problems, but rather as Rahm Emanuel said, “to never let a crisis go to waste”. This is the first wedge to be driven into the 2nd Amendment with the ultimate goal being to destroy the right of every American to bear arms and eventually to take all guns away from law abiding citizens.

In Washington state, laws have already been proposed that allow the police to confiscate all guns from private owners, even without cause.

Wake up Americans and speak up to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!



FISA …A Dangerous Thing

Dear Chris,

When I read John Whitehead and his lengthy editorials, I miss your loving father and his Polish perspectives.

Chet would back me up in my claim that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance law (Jimmy Carter) was a dangerous thing.

I’m upset at whitey Whitehead since he claimed FISA was only meant for Americans with direct contact with foreign nationals.

We are on an emergency footing since Carter (“I will not lie to you”) implemented FISA.

Benjamin Franklin



Joins Our Wall of Honor

Dear Chris Grabowski-Witmyer,

I would like to thank you and the Chester Grabowski family for continuing to publish “The Post Eagle”, the only paper one can express oneself about derogatory evil remarks, fabricated lies and all sorts of false negative attacks about Poland, Polonia and the Polish people.

Edward and Dee Blicharski are making a donation to “The Post Eagle Wall of Honor”  in honor of Chester Grabowski.

Sincerely yours,

Congratulations on The Post Eagle’s first 50 years and wishing you another 50 years for a – Sto Lat.