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LETTERS 3-27-13

It’s Not Unstable Minds…. Guns Are Dangerous

Re: Guns 3/6/13 (P.E. Letters to Editor)

The article is very wrong! It is not unstable minds that cause the killings from  guns.
A person does not need a gun unless they plan to use it. I do not need a gun unless I plan to kill someone otherwise WHY WOULD I WANT A GUN or why would anyone else want a gun?
Guns are a dangerous item to have around your home.
Children have had access to guns and mistakenly use them either killing themselves or someone else, innocently.
People in a moment of anger have killed their loved ones and then regret it.
Criminals with good minds have had it easy to kill to rob someone. Without a gun it would be less easy to attempt this.
With a gun in the home, curious teenagers would be tempted to use it. It is not an unstable mind. It’s the gun that is there and access to it. A teenager would think it’s smart to brandish a gun and mistakenly use it.
We don’t need guns to have handy and use them and then regret it.



Will Anderson Cooper Show Up For Dyngus Day?

To the Editor
Last year at this time I happened to tune in on Anderson Cooper`s take on Dyngus Day in Buffalo N.Y.
He laughed and giggled for a whole ten minutes-trying to get thru his comments -just like the Geico Salamander you see on TV.
Evidently he knew nothing about Dyngus Day –and probably thought it was something derogatory.
Dyngus Day is a big Polish holiday in Poland, celebrated on the Monday after Easter.
Buffalo NY has been celebrating this holiday for years. It is a holiday–no one works. All halls -restaurants -Hotels-Motels-VFW Halls-Elks  etc. are booked a whole year in advance. From Easter Sunday midnight to Easter Monday Midnight — fun frivolity, Polish food everywhere you turn!! Dancing to the best Polka bands-it truly is a wonderful celebration.
The people of Buffalo NY were waiting for an apology from Mr. Cooper–nothing as yet. They sent him an invitation to come and enjoy the celebration this year. If he chose to do so –they were going to crown him “Kielbasa King.” I wonder if Mr. Cooper will show. We shall see…..