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Letters 3-13-13

A Polish American Legal Aid Society Should Be Formed To Help

Re: Irena Szewiola’s plea should not be ignored

Irena Szewiola seems to be a real Polish American Heroine, whose plea for help should not be ignored.

I would be delighted if every president  of every Polish American cultural Societies, Congress’, Foundations, and Institutes and the Presidents of all Polish American Social Clubs fly out to California and picket the State Capital at Sacramento. And I would be extremely delighted if at least one member of every Polka band in America accompany the group to Sacramento and set up a band stand  on the state capital grounds and play polkas until Irena achieves her goal.

In any event it is time that all the leaders of the aforementioned Polish groups get together to form a Polish American Legal Aide Society so heroes like Irena Szewiola won’t have to go it alone.



B.S. From Obama

Thank you Pat Grzywacz for telling it like it is. Obama is the biggest lying Pres. this country has ever seen and we will have 4 more years of his B.S.

Anything negative about our leader will be swept under his bumpy rug! Now we have another “Buzz Word” – SEQUESTER. Fortunately it will only be around for a few days, unlike that “FISCAL CLIFF”. However, we will hear about another buzz word as he continues to lead us into – BANKRUPTCY!

It appears every 3 months we will have another buzz word. We can NOT go any longer as China has said “Enough”!

As I write this, Obama has okayed “Humanitarian Aid” to the Syrian rebels. Are there any American “Boots on the ground?” You betcha! Yes, we will deny it for awhile, until we get an excuse. Remember France & Indo-China (Viet Nam)?

National V.P. Bajdek, states that Poland must pay a “lump sum compensation” for WWII private property. WHO is demanding this compensation? It is NOT me, I gave up on this 50 years ago!

There is no way the Polish Government can pay up this amount, especially with the economy in the toilet, world-wide.

We ARE following Italy, Spain & all the rest of the Socialist countries.