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Letters 2-5-14

Programs Are A Con Job On The American People

RE: To Mr. Richard Hunter!

Sir! Everything you mentioned in your letter to the PE of 1/29/14 that Social Security, Medicare, Aid  to Education, Bank Insurance and Unemployment Insurance are all there to help the average  American. Well, that was the intention of these programs.

However, all of these programs that you mentioned turned out to be just the opposite, a detriment to the people of the country. They are all total failures. Our past History has shown  that  Government cannot manage to do anything right, yet they continue with these failures. Furthermore, these programs are all

Unconstitutional and the only people benefitting from them are the Politicos and the bureaucrats that administer them.

These programs, Sir, are nothing more than high priced Government works programs. In truth Mr. Hunter, they should be called what they really are, a Con Job on the American people.

Alexander Karwoski


Continued Success From One Of The Post Eagle’s Early Subscribers

Dear Editor,

Greetings! Enclosed please find my check for the renewal of the Post Eagle. I am one of the early subscribers and readers of The Post Eagle. It is a wonderful newspaper. We are well informed by the paper.

Continued success with The Post Eagle.

Nanticoke, PA