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Letters 2-27-13

Never Leave Our Fallen Military!
Have You Forgotten Benghazi Mr. President?

I watched the State of the Union address by this President and was not at all surprised by the number of lies he included in his speech. The final insult to those of us with brains that are still working, was the section about the strength of our military. He actually had the gall to say, we never leave our fallen military, behind or words to that effect. The mindless Zombies in Congress jumped to their feet to clap wildly in hysterical unison. I’m watching and saying “WHAT?” Has everyone already forgotten about Benghazi? Four brave Americans, including our Ambassador, killed by terrorists because this President chose to do NOTHING! He and all the top leaders involved turned their backs on those four men pleading for help and turned into the Three Proverbial monkeys – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! Where was this President while these men were being murdered? Where was he for the 7-8 hours following the initial attack? Secretary Clinton successfully deflected all questions with her Teflon answers. Yes, we know mistakes were made, but no one involved made them. The stupidity of this mind-set is overwhelming!
Five months after the 9-11 attack in Benghazi and we still have no answers. Secretary of State Clinton said, who cares, it’s done! WHO CARES? I CARE!!
We will probably never find out the truth because there are so few honorable, principled leaders in our government. I can only hope that the few patriotic leaders, Senators and voters who are involved and informed will continue to fight against the dishonesty, deception, lies, greed, threats and organized destruction of our country.
Who cares? I CARE! God help us!

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