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Letters 2-26-14

We Should Be Alarmed At Obama Administration’s Disregard For Our Constitution

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Richard Hunter’s letter “You are entitled to your opinion but not your facts” (Jan. 29th Post Eagle). I am not sure if Richard Hunter is the Professor in Seton Hall, a man that I admire, but I disagree with his take on Pat Grzywacz’s “History Lesson”. I do not see any problems with Grzywacz’s facts, but I disagree with some of his interpretations of cause and effect.

I strongly disagree with Richard Hunter’s defense of current political trends and Presidential abuse of power as necessary for “common good” that supposedly the government provides. First of all, common good is a slogan that has been used to justify the unjustifiable such as Obamacare. What possible common good is there in imposing Obamacare on us? That kind of “common good” is always at the expense of individual rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It has also been the basis of unabashed Judicial Activism of the last 60 years. The current Radical Left, which took control of the Democratic Party, has no concern for “common good”. What they want is to replace our social and political system by their yet undefined utopia.

As for Social Security and Medicare, whose need is recognized by most of us, they are in danger because of the Democratic Party radical agenda which is pursued by Obama. Criticizing the Democrats for what they have done to these programs is not the same as opposing them. After the Reagan reforms which put the two programs on sound fiscal basis, the Democrats quickly looted the Trust Funds as soon as the debts were paid off. Today, the Federal Treasury owes SS over $2.5 trillion dollars, which they have no intention of repaying. Medicare is on life support, not only because of looting but also because it is structured as a “pay as you go” program instead of a pension plan. More than 2/3 of an individual’s expenditures on health care are in the last 10-15 years of life. Under Obamacare, Medicare funds will be further depleted to pay for those dubious benefits of Obamacare.

I don’t know how many people have noticed that those two safety net programs have been lumped with some 50 welfare programs under the heading of “Entitlements”. I believe that it is part of the strategy of the Democratic Party to eliminate those two as programs which are separately funded by a payroll tax, and merge them with all the welfare programs, funded by general revenues, into one huge government program. Of course, the payroll taxes will be left in place. Some twenty years ago the New Republic, a Democratic Party policy magazine, devoted a whole issue to that notion and argued that the time has come to implement it.

As for aid to education by the Federal Government, it has done more harm than good and should be eliminated. Invariably it sticks the states with most of the cost for programs of questionable value. The Core Curriculum is the latest gratuitous Federal intrusion into elementary education and has the potential to further damage an already faltering system. It has to be stopped. Elementary education is the province of the States under the Amendment X of our Constitution and Federal Gov. should stay out of it.

All of us should be alarmed by Obama Administration’s disregard for our Constitution and his usurpation of power not granted to the Executive under the Constitution. I think that this is the point that Pat Grzywacz was making and I agree with that.

With best regards,