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Letters 12-11-13

Survivor Meets Polish Rescuer

Re: Hanukkah Miracle
NY POST Nov. 28, 2013


At his home in Long Island NY,  Leo Gersten, a Polish American Jew, said to Czeslaw Polziec of Poland… “The only reason we are alive is because of you and your parents. We never forgot that you and your parents are the ones who saved our lives”. Gersten also told the Post that he and his loved ones spent two years in Ploziecs home hiding from the Germans during the Second World War. Are they not both like Polanders of all faiths, who survived the German occupation of Poland, Holocaust survivors.

Walt Borkowski


Hate Mongering Is Alive And Well!

Regarding the story covered by your reporter Aisha Al-Muslim on Nov. 27, “Cedarhurst Holocaust Survivor, Rescuer Meet After Decades”, I write with great disappointment that Ms. Al-Muslim did not do her job for Newsday. She “misspoke” in several instances. The press release by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous corrected itself twice, retracting their first and second release. Yet Ms. Al-Muslim claims she only received the second correction.  She even got that wrong. She used the first (this one was corrected later) which was retracted by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. The third press release was the final by the Jewish Foundation. The Polish rescuers were slandered by such inept American journalistic reporting. I apologize to Dr. Leon Gersten who did the right thing in testifying on behalf of the Polish family who saved them during the Holocaust of WW II. Shame on those who tried to obstruct the facts and change something beautiful into something so horrible and untrue.

B. Gilbride

EDITOR’S NOTE: The above letter writer is referring to a press release by Sarah Rauth of Steinreich Communications that was sent out announcing the reunion of a Holocaust survivor with his rescuer sponsored by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. The meet took place at JFK Airport on Wednesday, November 27th. The following statement was made in the release announcing this event…. For more than two years, Leon Gersten and four family members were kept hidden from the Nazis by Czeslaw Polziec and his family in their attic. Despite the risk involved, and although they had five children of their own and barely enough food, the Polziecs agreed to take them in. The Polziecs built an underground bunker that they could cover with a grain storage bin in the event of a raid. When POLISH NAZI COLLABORATORS raided the farm, suspecting the family of hiding Jews, they beat the father. After the POLISH MILITIA left, the Polziecs could have easily sent Leon Gersten and his family away, but they did not. The family lived with the Polziecs until the area was liberated in 1944. (The caps and underlining are our emphasizes to show you the distortions being made about the Poles.)