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Letters 11-13-13

His Goal Was Always To Have Single Payor Insurance

The fake indignation and anger regarding the Obamacare web site problems by this President is almost laughable. For those of us who have been following the push of Obamacare, the failure of the web site comes as no surprise. It was planned and is celebrated by this President and his administration. He is NOT angry! He is pleased that the program is failing.

In a speech to the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and the UAW-CIO (United Auto Workers) unions in 2007, the President is shown on video camera telling the union members that his goal is to implement single payor government insurance. Single payor was his goal before he became President and continues during his term as President. He never intended for you to keep your insurance plan, it was just a continuing lie by him to get your vote. He said it may take time, but he is committed to take his plan to final completion. Those speeches took place in 2007. Now in 2013, he is PLEASED, not ANGERED that his plan is finally falling into place. He told the members that “We cannot get there immediately. We have to take steps.” The planned failure of this web site is one of the first steps.

The President stated over a dozen times since 2007 that, “If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” I submit to you that while he was making those promises, he was fully aware of the internal IRS regulation document dated July 19, 2010 before the law was passed that concluded that millions of people would lose their insurance coverage, not by choice but by force. That insurance companies would be forced to drop their enrollees due to the government mandates listing what the policies they offered, MUST COVER BY LAW. As an aside, even the most basic government plan, the BRONZE plan includes a $5000.00 deductible for the enrollee, which to me means the person in reality, has no coverage at all until he pays his $5,000.00 deductible. How many middle class families can afford to pay five thousand dollars out of pocket before their insurance kicks in?

The next bit of information for you to digest is that the Canadian company given the NO-BID contract for this several hundred million dollar scheme is the employer of one of Michelle Obama’s college classmates who is an executive in that company. Why are we giving NO BID contracts to ANY company in this economy?

If all this evidence is not enough for you to doubt the intentions of this mendacious President, then I submit to you that you may still be alive but your brain has died!





Robert Kubica, the 1st & only Polish F-1 race driver is back driving!

Back in February 2011, Kubica entered a road rally race while waiting for the next F-1 Race (Formula One). He had a terrible crash in which he had multiple surgeries which saved his right hand. It is unknown if he will race again in F-1. However, this September he won two domestic Italian events.

On his return to Rally Racing, he said, “It’s a sort of active rehabilitation that isn’t just physical. Competing also helps me mentally and gives me morale, and winning is also good medicine.”

Kubica is racing a Subaru Impreza which puts out almost 400 HP and is the most popular rally car.