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Letters 10-9-13

They Are Not Polish!


Hello Prof. Hunter. I simply have to comment on your letter (10/2/13). Martin Indyk and Jack Lew are NOT Polish, they are Jewish. The words “indyk” (turkey), and “lew” (lion) are Polish.

In checking Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew on “Wikipedia”, I read: “Jack Lew is an Orthodox Jew who observes the Jewish Sabbath and attends Congregation Beth Sholom”. Not quite Polish, is he.

“Wikipedia” tells that: “Martin Indyk was born to a Jewish family in London, England.” The closest he comes to Polish is the word “indyk”.

Just think, that obamination (sic) in the White House has a “turkey” and a “lion” on their staff. A “gobble” and a “roar”. It figures. Obama is either gobbling or roaring. (or playing golf).

As for Sen. Barbara Mikulski, what has she accomplished for Poland? She has been hailed for being the longest-running female Senator. Hail to the Queen! Yet, in all those years, Mikulski has gotten “figa z/makiem” for Poland. Poles still have much difficulty entering the U.S. (Generals Pulaski and Kosciuszko, are you listening?) Pulaski was killed in battle fighting for this country!

Now to another thought: Gerald Gesiorski has an excellent idea about adding the cross to the Polish flag. Poland certainly had her share of carrying the cross.



Respects Karwoski’s Opinion… Any Suggestions For Peace

The Post Eagle
Clifton, New Jersey

Dear Editor,
Hi! How R ya?

Thanks for Alexander Karwoski’s September 18th rebuttal letter explaining why he believes the atomic bomb was unnecessary to stop WWII in the Pacific Theatre.

I respect his position, arguments – job well done.

Me, I’m glad that war ended and both governments are at peace.

Wish Earth had more Peace and less hates/hurts. Perhaps Alex has some suggestions.

Friendly yours,


West Texas Does It Right Big Time!

Way back in the Christmas Issue, I noted to see the West Texas High Dancers on You Tube. Since then they continue to build. Their latest venture is a Pre-Game Baseball Show. Their high school was destroyed in the Fertilizer Plant Explosion that killed many first responders. When they entered their nearby high school, signs on their lockers said “Welcome”.  Checkout on You Tube: West Texas Jr. Historians pre-game dance, July 6, 2016 date is listed wrong but that will put you in the right spot to view their Teen Dancers. Don’t miss it.