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Letters 10-2-13

A Prominent Position For Polish-Americans

Dear Editor:

We should all know that Jack Lew, current Secretary of the Treasury, is of Polish descent.  His father was born in Poland.

The appointment of Mr. Lew as Secretary of the Treasury is a very important milestone and accomplishment for Polish-Americans.  Mr. Lew joins Martin Indyk (Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East) as high ranking members of the Obama Administration.  This is perhaps the most prominent positioning of Polish-Americans since Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Senator Edmund Muskie, both prominent Polish-Americans, served as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State in the Administration of President Carter.

These appointments will hopefully help to smooth over the flap that existed when President Obama termed the Nazi concentration camps in Poland as “Polish Death Camps” last year.  The President apologized but the damage had been done.

President Obama has also promised to rectify the grave injustice of the current visa waiver policy that has damaged Polish-American relations but we have yet to see if this situation can be rectified.  Polish-Americans remain hopeful that this can be worked-out soon.  Another prominent Polish-American, Senator Barbara Mikulski, has been one of the most vocal leader in this fight.

At least regarding the appointments of Mr. Lew and Mr. Indyk, we should all be proud of these individuals who are serving our country and not engage in partisan political attacks against the President with whom many Polish-American have significant disagreements.

Professor Hunter
Seton Hall University


Obama For President!

Did you vote for Obama? Of course you did. He was going to be the answer to all our prayers, foreign & domestic!

He was going to end the wars in the Middle East. “Happy 12th Anniversary!” He was going to close “Gitmo” . But the only thing new were new prayer mats.

Obama-Care is in trouble already, as predicted. 48 million Americans are getting food stamps.

Illegal immigrants still a problem, and “Fast & Furious” yet another botched cover-up.

Over 4,000 killed in the name of freedom, liberty & justice? How many more dead Americans before we pull out in 2014? (Really – 2014?)

How about the 4 (?) dead in Benghazi – a one year anniversary.

I hope Obama thanked Putin for “saving his bacon”, as well as preventing yet another WAR!

Hopefully there will be no “red line in the sand” or – deadly containers of chemical gases.

Many thanks to all those protesters who marched by the White House with signs “NO WAR ON SYRIA!”

“What if they had a war and no one came?” Maybe one day?



American Exceptionalism

In his editorial in the New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented negatively about American exceptionalism. In this matter I have to agree with him. Why? Because our legislators abandoned the Constitution and let a war philosophy take place. Doing so, we became exceptional in that we became the world’s most bellicose nation. This policy I hope is finally coming to an end.

Since 1945, our country bombed, invaded, sanctioned and removed leaders in over forty different countries. And if these countries retaliate (what the CIA calls blowback), they’re called terrorists by these warmongers.

This flagrant interference in other countries caused the death of untold millions of innocent lives and much ruin. This is no way to influence other people.

This warmongering attitude is making the U.S. the most despised country in the world.

I am hoping our leaders return  to Constitutional Government and a sane foreign policy.

I think we are getting there as a major shift is taking place. The  American public said, we are fed up with this warmongering, and sent their legislators a very strong  signal of no to the bombing of Syria. The legislators read it loud and clear and had to give in. I hope the public pressure keeps up, so that we can get back our liberties that we have lost gradually over the years.

Alexander Karwoski