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Letters 1-30-13

Article Conjures Up
Thoughts of WWII

The Post Eagle
Clifton, New Jersey

Hi! How R ya?

Read “Nazi Branded This Polish Catholic” (TPE Jan. 23) about Walter Kolodziejek, a WWII Polish citizen who at 18 was sent to Auschwitz and branded by SS Guards after Hitler’s NAZIS were allowed to invade and overrun Poland when promised international military help did not arrive.

History records brutal treatment of Polish people by Nazis (and later by Stalinists). The story conjured up thoughts about WWII.

Had Americans and Allies not prevailed to win that war, we wouldn’t be Americans today! Nazism would control North and South America. No American language! We would be Nazis, speaking German, saluting “Sieg Heil” to our Feuher in Berlin, and concentration/death camps would replace prisons.

Occasional “Thank You” prayers would be nice for WWII Veterans (American & Allied) who did not return, those who did but no longer here, and dwindling few who are.

Thank you for the article.

Friendly yours,

National WWII Museum (New Orleans, LA)
WWII Veterans Committee (Arlington, VA)


Very Informative Paper

Dear Editor,

Enclosed please find my check to cover the year 2013 for the Post Eagle.

It is a pleasure receiving the Post Eagle into our home. We are informed with its local and international news.