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Letter To FBI Director From
Polish Catholic Holocaust Survivor

Mr. James B. Comey
FBI Director
935 Pennsylvania Av. NW
Washington, DC 20535-0001

April 27, 2015

Mr. Comey,

I am a Polish Catholic Holocaust survivor. So were my Polish Catholic parents and siblings. We want your apology or your termination as head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your speech at the US Holocaust Museum on April 16th smeared Poland and Polish Catholics. US Holocaust Museum recognizes 11 million victims of the Holocaust of WW II: 6 million Jews and 5 million “others”. In my opinion you don’t seem to know the history of the “others” or you simply don’t care. You sir are a hate monger who speaks not knowing or caring what your false words will do. That is why there will be no Peace on Earth. If you want Peace on Earth you are to behave peacefully (and with truth). If you want to teach Love Thy Neighbor, you must first show us how. If you want respect be first to practice it.

I read that you spoke without a written text. That is what revealed you who you really are: a man who never read the whole truth about the 11 million that perished, and learned from your “friends” and their opinion of the Holocaust. And you believed them. Shame on you, Mr. Comey. Shame on your friends, who probably never read a book, yet teach others about hate and the Holocaust. Poland was the only occupied country that had an organization ZEGOTA whose mission was to save Jews from the hands of the Nazi’s. No other country did that, not France, not Denmark, not Greece, not Italy, not even U.S. Why pick on Polish Catholics and Poland? We Poles are most curious about that. Do you have some agenda behind that? You have ignored the fact that it was Nazi Germany that declared War on Poland. It was Hitler who declared war on the poor Jews of Germany and beyond. Poland did not start WW II. Poland did not have collaborationist units such as France, Norway (Quisling) Holland (Anton Mussett) Greece (Rallis) Finland (Ristoritt) Croatia, Belgium etc. Jews to this day are searching for the gentile collaborators who helped the Nazi’s. The Jewish collaborators, instead, were given the “right of return” to Israel where they lived as free Jews.

Mr. Comey, read more about the Holocaust of all 11 million victims and then return to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with facts and we will listen to you.

Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride