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Letter from President
of the Kosciuszko Foundation

Dear Members and Friends of the Kosciuszko Foundation,

The past year was challenging due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. As always, my thoughts and wishes are with our loyal friends and families. We are truly concerned and I hope you are all well.

With the mandated order of sheltering in place and restrictions on all cultural institutions and businesses, the Kosciuszko Foundation is faced with the difficult decision of continuing to postpone its cultural events in person. The forced cancellation of visitors and programs has had a noticeably alarming impact on our revenue.

Therefore we are continuously implementing measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved while keeping the highest standard of our cultural programming and scholarship services. Despite the volatile market, the Kosciuszko Foundation didn’t stop helping. We know that our scholarship programs, as well as cultural entertainment, are important. Now more than ever, we are committed to helping and supporting students. Thus, I would like to thank you for your feedback. It is your messages and calls that encourage us to continue our work.

Today I would like to address an appeal, we are working on many upcoming projects to promote and revitalize the Foundation as we are facing uncertain times. I probably mentioned it numerous times before, but your Membership truly means a lot. Your membership dues cover all fees associated not only with promoting Polish culture but also with sponsoring scholarships and grants that create future Polish leaders.

The Kosciuszko Foundation is Polonia’s most prestigious organization and has changed the lives of many people. It makes me believe in our community and makes me proud of my Polish heritage. I am sure that you, too, are proud and inspired by your Polish roots. Please become even more active in Polonia’s organization and become our member.If you are already a KF Member, thank you for all of your support. You make an incredible difference. Please consider increasing your membership level and help even further.

During times like these, filled with uncertainty, we are all faced with difficult changes and choices. I hope the Kosciuszko Foundation will become a non-profit of your choice. Consider following the KF Facebook and get daily updates on our community activities.

If you have any questions please contact my office at (212) 734 2130 or visit our website

Marek Skulimowski
President and Executive Director

The Kosciuszko Foundation is located at 15 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065