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Let Gale Summers Help You Find
Your Path To Happiness And Success

Gale Summers is a spiritualist and healer who has practiced in Garwood, New Jersey for 30 years.

Born in New York, she is descended from four generations of psychic healers, all born with a veil across their face at birth; a trait that is said to be the mark of a “true psychic”.

Her gifts have been refined and expanded through the years with specialized seminars and training.

She established her shop in 1977 to help the minds, bodies and spirits of her international clientele, who are drawn from all walks of life.

She has astonished people with her abilities as a gifted spiritualist, psychic, astrologer and healer.

She asks no questions, but only provides information, sharing her unique gifts with people from every walk of life and income level, who have received actual times, dates, names and locations of people and events, tapping into the world of angels and spirits to uncover past, present and future events.

Gale Summers has used her psychic abilities as a consultant to local law enforcement and nationally known celebrities.

Her predictions have been published by the Newark Star Ledger and Suburban News.

Gale Summers understanding and knowledge gives her clients enhanced insights into themselves and their past, present and future lives, enabling them to remove obstacles and overcome challenges. Services include spiritual counseling, tarot card readings, reiki healing, crystal and chakra work.

Please book your reading in advance by calling 908-654-4558 for reservations.

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She will be open both New Years Eve and New Years Day.
Call for an appointment.

As the holidays approach, we reevaluate our lives, loves and careers.
Let Gale help you find your path to happiness and success.
All readings are private and strictly confidential.

Astrology Unlimited
306-A North Avenue
Garwood, NJ.


Love * Career * Success
Gale Summers
Astrology Unlimited
306-A North Avenue, Garwood, NJ.
Available for Parties or Professional Gathering * Mon-Sat 11 am-8 pm
By Appointment Only