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Lesniak Statement On Christie Administration’s
Actions Affirming His Legislative Efforts
To Allow Sports Betting

Trenton, NJ (September 8, 2014) – Senator Raymond Lesniak, the leading legislative proponent of sports betting in New Jersey, issued the following statement on Monday in response to the Attorney General’s directive and the legal motion filed in federal court by the Christie Administration to allow casinos and racetracks in the state to operate sports pools:

“This is what we’ve been working to achieve: to allow sports betting in New Jersey that is legally sanctioned and beneficial to the casinos, racetracks and the state’s economy. It comes at a key time for the casino industry in Atlantic City. Sports betting will help restore lost jobs and position New Jersey as a leader in a business with national and international appeal.

“It’s good that the governor reversed course. After vetoing my legislation that would have achieved the same goal, the administration’s actions today will allow the state to take advantage of an important economic opportunity.

“Gambling on sporting events already takes place every day, but the profits were going to offshore businesses and organized crime. Now it can be regulated and produce tax revenue for vital public needs and generate economic benefits for Atlantic City and the State of New Jersey.”

Office of Senator Raymond Lesniak