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May 19, 2024

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Learn Polish With J&J Language School

Attention Readers!

The Post Eagle has a brand new addition to our website. If you are interested in learning a little Polish, you will love this! Check it out under LEARN POLISH in the middle section of our home page. J&J Language School in Poland offers Polish classes but also posts Polish phrases and their English counterparts on their Facebook which you can access through our website.



At J&J we focus primarily on teaching Polish to non-Polish speaking individuals and groups, both at our clients’ workplace and online. Our efforts are geared toward foreigners working in Poland or planning to move here.

Thanks to our many years of teaching experience, individuals and employees of the largest companies, institutions and diplomatic missions, have grown to trust our services. We offer the highest level of professional language training, tailored to the needs, degree of language proficiency and the work schedule of our clients. Because we are committed to accommodating the needs of our students, we work hard to develop personalized courses and curricula. Therefore, we regularly consider options for modifying existing courses to better fit our clients’ needs — both in terms of schedule and level of intensity. Similarly, meetings are scheduled with the convenience of the student in mind.

The success of any effort is based on an ability to measure progress. To do so, we closely monitor every student’s journey in learning Polish, then prepare reports detailing their progress, attendance and level of satisfaction. To ensure the highest possible opportunity for learning, teaching materials and techniques are carefully chosen by our teachers.

Our team of instructors consists of professionals who are not just qualified and experienced, but, more importantly, share a passion for language. Simply put, we value a professional approach, strive for flexibility and work hard to make the experience of learning the Polish language a pleasant one.