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Nov 29, 2023

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Leaders Are Selling Us Down The River

I am opposed to the deal that the President is making with Iran regarding the proliferation of Iran’s continuing advancement of nuclear weapons. Iran is not to be trusted. In a recent poll, 63% of the American people do not support Iran obtaining more nuclear power. The negotiable demand by Iran is that there will be NO inspection of their nuclear plants NOW or EVER! No one is allowed to see what they are doing! Who, with half a brain, would agree to those terms? I find it maddening that as we negotiate with their leaders, after the meetings they chant, “Death to America, Death to America!” and still our leaders continue to go back to waste time talking.

In a recent radio interview, a gentleman doubted Obama’s skill as a negotiator. I agree with his assessment. He said, “the President reminds me of a child who receives a puppy for Christmas and trades it for two 12 year old cats.”

Sadly, I believe the President will push forward with his deal with Iran, not for the good of our country and our allies, but for his out of control arrogance and concern for his “legacy”. He is willing to sacrifice the safety of our country and the world to satisfy his outrageous, irrational ego.

Wake up Americans! Our leaders are selling you down the river. Your freedom, your children’s freedom and the freedom of your grandchildren is at stake as well as their lives!

God help us!