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Leader Pelosi Appoints Rep. Pascrell As Budget Conferee

WASHINGTON, DC (June 27, 2013) – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appointed Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-09-NJ), a member of the House Budget Committee, to serve on a conference committee to complete a budget agreement.  It has now been 96 days since the Senate passed a budget, yet still, House Republican leaders refuse to appoint conferees and move the process forward to reach a comprehensive budget agreement. To lead Democrats’ efforts in these negotiations, Leader Pelosi appointed all Democratic Members of the Budget Committee as conferees.

“It has been nearly 100 days since the Senate passed its budget.  We’ve wasted far too much time waiting for Speaker Boehner to take the necessary next step of appointing conferees so we can negotiate a responsible budget agreement. Although there are signs that are economy is recovering, we must take immediate steps to replace the devastating cuts of the sequester.  A responsible budget can help us continue to create jobs, strengthen our nation’s middle class, and ensure our government agencies are appropriately funded.

“I stand ready to serve with my Democratic colleagues on the Budget Committee on behalf of a budget that reflects the priorities and needs of the American people. I strongly urge Speaker Boehner to follow our lead and immediately appoint Republican conferees.”

Office of Congressman Pascrell