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Kosciuszko’s Garden At West Point

WEST POINT, NY – Kosciuszko’s Garden is one of the oldest continuously existing gardens in the United States. Colonel (later General) Thaddeus Kosciuszko, the Polish engineer, designed, engineered and oversaw the construction of the original fortifications at West Point while serving in the Continental Army.

During his time at West Point (1778-1780), Kosciuszko built a garden with his own hands terraced on the side of a cliff overlooking the Hudson River for the purpose of “rest and repose.”

After serving as Chief Engineer for the Southern Army, General Kosciuszko returned to Poland and drove that country’s constitutional movement and served as Commander in Chief of the Army. He led his troops in battle against Russian occupiers, was severely wounded and a prisoner of war. A close friend of Thomas Jefferson, he dedicated his life to securing human rights for the disenfranchised in the United States and Europe and was esteemed world-wide.

Photo courtesy of Eugenia Gore – 2013

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