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The Kosciuszko Foundation Exchange Program 2022 Awards Ceremony

On May 25th, 2022, the KF President Marek Skulimowski along with the US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski recognized the Foundation’s 43 newly selected grant and fellowship recipients who will conduct research for 3-9 months in the sciences, humanities, arts, and Polish studies in the United States during the 2022-23 academic year.

The recipients are from various Polish universities and study a wide range of disciplines. They will conduct their research with partner institutions across the United States, including: Stanford University, Columbia University, Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Kosciuszko Foundation would like to express our thanks to the US Ambassador to Poland – Mark Brzezinski for hosting the event. To all the grantees – Congratulations!

Please join us in congratulating the 2023-2023 Exchange to the US cohort.

  1. Struzik Bartłomiej, Ph.D. habilitation, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Florida Atlantic University. Project title “Somactive Design” – Theory and Practice

  2. Chetko Józefina, M.A., Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Barnard College, Columbia University. Project title “Open Form” as a curriculum. Art practice and theory course based on examples from Polish art history.

  3. Borsuk Marcin, Ph.D., the Institute of Economics Polish Academy of Sciences, New York University, Project title: Climate-related financial risks and rating agencies.

  4. Halicka Beata, Ph.D. habilitation, Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of History. Project title: Polish Women in the USA.  Émigré Biographies from Wartime Europe and Postwar America.

  5. Łukasiewicz Sławomir, Ph.D. habilitation, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University. Project title: Exiled minds, covert expertise and the dream of liberation. Polish Sovietologists at the Russian Research Center, Harvard University during the Cold War.

  6. Jastrzębski Borys, Ph.D. candidate, University of Warsaw, Harvard University. Project title: Climate Determinism in the Early Modern Transatlantic World.

  7. Kula Artur, M.A., Ph.D. candidate, University of Warsaw, University of California, Berkeley. Project title: Treason as a Persisting Component of Identity. A Polish Case Study.

  8. Słaboszowska Kalina, M.A., Ph.D. candidate, University of Warsaw, Harvard University, Department of History. Project title: Old Sources, New Approaches. Searching for Emotions in the Late Medieval Poland

  9. Napierała Paulina, Ph.D., Jagiellonian University, City University of New York. Project title: Theological Divisions and the Evolution of the Black Church’s Socio-political Engagement. A Comparative Study

  10. Jarczewski Dominik, Ph.D., Kolegium Filozoficzno-Teologiczne Polskiej Prowincji Dominikanów, Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing. Project title: Generous Virtues: What Contributes to a Benign Epistemic Social Environment?

  11. Machcewicz-Grad Agata, M.A., Ph.D. candidate, University of Warsaw, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Project title: Implicitness, internalization and theoreticality: folk psychology as a theory

  12. Góralska Magdalena, Ph.D. candidate, University of Warsaw, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Project title: Information landscape of Polish diaspora in the US and its role in shaping Polish-speaking Web: a case study of Lyme disease health advice.

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