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Kosciuszko Bridge Plaques
Restored And Will Be
Placed Back On The New Bridge

Two large bronze plaques affixed to the Kosciuszko Bridge in 1939 shine brightly once again! The plaques, which are historic elements of the bridge, have been fully restored and will soon be placed back on the new Bridge. Special recognition goes to the Victoria Consulting & Development, Inc. in Brooklyn for the professional plaques restoration efforts carried out pro bono.

The Office of Governor of NY State Andrew Cuomo has recently confirmed that the new Bridge will keep its name: The Kosciuszko Bridge. The opening of its first, eastbound part (under construction since 2014), is planned at the end of April 2017, and the specific opening date will be announced shortly. Once the old bridge is demolished, a new westbound cable-stayed bridge will be built on its site in the next three years.

The Kosciuszko Foundation wishes to thank the NYS Department of Transportation for the cooperation on the Kosciuszko Bridge project. For more information about the Kosciuszko Bridge click HERE.


The pictures below show the process of removing the plaques from the old Kosciuszko Bridge. The same plaques, now restored, will be placed on the new Kosciuszko Bridge later this month.