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Kite Day At PMA!

ILLINOIS – The Polish Museum of America and the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America have joined the initiative of the Museum of Literature and Printing in Grębocin and the Świątynia Sztuki (Temple of Art) Foundation, which are the organizers of the international family event – “Kite Day.” This year’s edition, which will be taking place on the grounds of the PRCUA and PMA, will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, 984 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL. 60642. This will be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon after Polish Language Saturday school classes and morning errands. **Free event!** If you would like to participate in this event, please send an email to We also invite all those who love the art of kite-making to help promote and increase the attraction of this event. More information can be obtained by calling 1-773-384-3352 ext. 2111.  The event attracts fans of good fun – especially families with children. During this afternoon, we will offer kite-making workshops, kite flying as well as a free tour of The Polish Museum of America.

Note from the organizers: 
We refer to the old tradition of kite-making, origins of which can be found in China. The kite has been claimed as the invention of 5th century BC philosophers and is still popular amongst people all over the world. Huge kite festivals are held in every country. The purpose of our event is to popularize kites as a simple fun for anyone, which teaches cooperation and integrates the environment. We believe that even the kite’s construction process allows families to unite by working together. This is one of the most spectacular forms of play achieved at a low cost. By flying kites together, we would like to commemorate the children who never had the opportunity to play in this way – those who died in armed conflicts and other tragedies. It is important for us to integrate with the local environment. Every year, Grębocin and residents of surrounding villages wait for the next edition of the festival. In fact, this is one of the most interesting attractions, which is now part of the community’s life. We believe that our event is, for them, a great escape from the daily routine, especially for children from poorer families – the event is completely free and available for all. We are sure that our festival is a creative fun for everyone, which also teaches cooperation, cultivates relationships between humans and integrates. We would like to see people from other cities and countries unite with us during our event and, at the same time, raise their kites into the sky. We encourage you to join our project! Funding for Kite Day at the PMA is made possible with a grant from the Edward T. & Ellen K. Dryer Charitable Foundation.