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Steven’s July Horoscope

Aries – The Sun will occupy the domestic area of your solar chart until the 22nd and will join Mars on the 14th – the spotlight will be on your domestic situation. Jupiter’s entry into the sign Cancer will enhance real estate, relocating and home improvement. Jupiter will occupy your 4th house for approximately one year giving you ample time for making steadfast decisions.  Mercury retrograde until the 21st – delay decisions concerning home improvements or relocating. After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 5th and will spotlight children, romance and creative pursuits.  Good time to update resumes or consider improving work skills.  Favorable dates 1-27-28.

Taurus – Prime area of activity will be centered on family conditions. Your eminent ruler Venus encourages family reunions and making amends with discordant family members. Take note of Mercury’s retrograde motion until the 21st – this aspect creates delays in communications – best for travel and meetings after the 22nd. Jupiter activates your solar 3rd house and may give the impetus to relocate – consider at a later date. Curb compulsive spending – check bank statements and credit card transactions. After the 22nd the omnipotent Sun enters your solar 4th house – good timing for a family reunion and a back yard barbecue.  Garage sale proves to be favorable.   Favorable dates 2-3-29-30.

Gemini – The hot fiery Mars will transit your sign until the 14th. The positive side of this transit is  increase in energy. The negative part is to become indecisive and argumentative. Mars will enter your 2nd solar house on the 14th where it will join a host of planetary action and can provide you with a financial plan. In some cases financial counseling helps. Buying and selling can increase your financial worth. Mercury retrogrades until the 21st therefore restrict travel and signing documents.      After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 3rd house, spotlighting communication. Good time to resolve misunderstandings with discordant family members and a loved one.  Favorable dates 4-5-6-31.

CancerHappy Birthday!  The Sun in your sign places the spotlight on improving personal and health needs. Jupiter in your sign provides you with good fortune and optimism.  Mars will enter your sign on the 14th creating a boost in energy, think twice before acting. The latter aspect can cause confrontation with family members. Suggest you keep an arbitrary position. Employment in the field of communication is a possibility. After the 22nd the Sun will enter your money house. Buying and selling add to your financial worth. Increase in your portfolio is a possibility – use your intuitive powers.  Favorable dates 7-8.

Leo – You will have a need to be alone to sort out your emotional needs. Spiritual guidance and meditation helps. Be careful of what you say to others regarding your personal affairs; someone who is jealous may wish you harm.  Mercury retrogrades until the 21st and may be the cause of  nervous disorders – expect delays. The Sun will enter your sign on the 22nd and will revitalize your energy. A good time to improve your appearance. Happy Birthday! Favorable dates 9-10-11.

Virgo – The 11th house  of your solar chart is being activated by a myriad of planetary action. Sharing ideas with others and advertising can increase growth in business. Mercury, your planetary ruler retrogrades until the 21st and may cause delays. Jupiter provides you with those who are innovative and trustworthy. Those who are disloyal will fall by the wayside Expect greater insights in improving business and personal interest. Seek peace and meditation after the 22nd when the Sun shifts to the most sensitive area of your solar chart. Good timing for investigation and research. Favorable dates 12-13.

Libra – The Sun will transit your solar 10th house placing the spotlight on reputation and honor. Jupiter will reside in the same position for one year and will elevate your status. Mercury retrogrades until the 21st therefore delay making key decisions regarding a work project. A romantic liaison becomes more intense. Increase in social events – good timing to join health club. Sun enters your 11th solar chart on the 22nd and is bound to brighten up friendships, personal relationship and creative pursuits.  Favorable dates 14-15

Scorpio –  A myriad of planetary influence places the emphasis on planning a successful future. Sharpening work skills and reviewing career potentials works well.   Jupiter will occupy the 9th house for approximately one year and will provide you with optimism and spirituality.  Saturn will go direct on the 8th and because it occupies your sign you develop a more realistic attitude toward  finances.  Sun shifts to your solar 10th house on the 22nd and spotlights employment, career and meetings with VIP’s. Favorable dates 16-17-18.

Sagittarius – The 8th house of your solar chart will be the area of concern; accordingly, pay particular attention to assets such as partner’s money, taxes, mortgages. Be not a borrower or a lender. Jupiter, your planetary ruler will reawaken your spiritual needs. This is a time when you begin to meditate on your progress in life. The Sun will enter your solar 9th house on the 22nd and is bound to increase your hindsight. Travel and improving work skills are favored. Limit travel as Mercury retrogrades until the 21st.   Favorable dates 19-20.

Capricorn – A myriad of planetary action will occupy your solar 7th house placing the emphasis on marriage, partnership and friendship. In some cases you may end a long standing relationship or a partnership. Fortunate Jupiter transits your solar 7th house favoring unions, partnerships and social activity. In some cases some of our Capricorn friends may be getting married. Seek homeopathic ways of healing. Employment counselors open the door for opportunity.  After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 8th house placing the emphasis on spending and vested accounts.  Favorable dates 21-22.

Aquarius – Take a long hard look at your physical appearance. You are more conscious of how you appear to others. Consider health, diet, exercise and a medical checkup to insure good health.  Good time to update your resume and seek employment counselors.  Romance, children and creative pursuits are areas of good fortune. After the 22nd the Sun spotlights relationships which includes friends, business associates and new acquaintances. Mercury retrogrades until the 21st  – be careful when scheduling events. Favorable dates 23-24.

Pisces – The Sun will transit your solar 5th house until the 22nd providing you with romance, entertainment and spending quality time with children, A relationship which has not met with your approval will fall by the wayside. Venus helps with health issues – cosmetic surgery a possibility. The Sun will transit your solar 6th house after the 22nd and will place the emphasis on medical appointments and solving employment issues. Good timing for a resume and seeking employment counselors.     Favorable dates 25-26.

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