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Joint Declaration on Defense
Cooperation Regarding U.S.
Force Posture In The
Republic of Poland

The United States of America (the United States) and the Republic of Poland (Poland) share a history of friendship based on common efforts, shared values, and mutual respect.  We have fought shoulder-to-shoulder around the globe, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, to secure peace and security for our nations and the world.  This friendship underpins an increasingly close strategic and defense relationship focused on threats to the security, peace, and prosperity of each country and of the North Atlantic Treaty area.

Both the United States and Poland reaffirm their commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including the commitments made in Articles 3 and 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, as the cornerstone of our defense relationship.  The United States and Poland believe that the presence of United States military personnel in Poland strengthens NATO’s deterrence efforts, and the defense of the United States, Poland, and the Alliance, and therefore the United States plans to enhance the United States military presence in Poland.

We share key values, including a strong commitment to democracy, freedom, individual rights, free markets, and a mutual respect for the independence and sovereignty of each other’s country.

I.    The United States plans to enhance its current military presence of approximately 4,500 rotational United States military personnel in Poland.  This enduring presence is expected to grow by about 1,000 additional United States military personnel in the near-term, and would focus on providing additional defense and deterrence capabilities in Poland.

II.    With the understanding that the increased United States force presence in Poland is made sustainable due to Polish support, Poland plans to provide and sustain jointly determined infrastructure for the initial package of additional projects listed below, at no cost to the United States and taking into account the planned level of its use by United States forces.  Poland also plans to provide additional support to United States forces, above the NATO host-nation standard.

A.    Establishment of a United States Division Headquarters (Forward) in Poland.

B.    Establishment and joint use by the United States Armed Forces and Polish Armed Forces of the Combat Training Center (CTC) in Drawsko Pomorskie, and eventually in a few other locations in Poland.  The United States intends to continue to provide United States advisors to support the Polish Armed Forces in the establishment of the CTC.

C.    Establishment of a United States Air Force MQ-9 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance squadron in Poland.  The United States intends to share information derived from this squadron’s operations, as appropriate, in support of our defense objectives.

D.    Establishment of an aerial port of debarkation to support the movement of forces for training or contingency.

E.    Establishment of an area support group to support current and future United States forces in Poland.

F.    Establishment of United States special operations forces capability in Poland to support air, ground, and maritime operations.

G.    Establishment of infrastructure to support the presence of an armored brigade combat team, a combat aviation brigade, and a combat sustainment support battalion.

III.    Both countries seek to conclude international agreements and other arrangements necessary to realize the common vision for enhanced defense cooperation, including the streamlining of the functioning of the United States forces in Poland.  The United States and Poland are to have a regular process to consult and plan for potential force posture adjustments and related infrastructure requirements for the United States forces deployed to Poland.

We look forward to growing and enhancing our defense cooperation in the years ahead.

FOREIGN POLICY – Issued on: June 12, 2019