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Dec 9, 2023

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John Wisniewski Proves
Governor Is Not An
Entry Level Job

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – In the recent democratic gubernatorial debate (May 9, 2017), John Wisniewski was the only candidate who outlined a platform that would provide a voice for those who have been shut out of the system by the wealthy and politically connected.

He established the tone and the tenor of the debate early on by pointing out that the governorship is not an entry level job. He called out Murphy’s hypocrisy in talking like a man of the people while trying to use his immense fortune to buy the party’s support.  John said, “the Democratic Primary has been a bit like an auction. Except there’s only one candidate who keeps on bidding the price up.”

He called out  Phil Murphy’s hypocrisy for running ads that claim he will push back against the Trump Administration. John said that Murphy needs to clearly explain how exactly he would push back given that their business interests and inner circles are so deeply intertwined.

Voters now know that John WIsniewski is the only candidate with the experience and vision to lead the state and give a voice to the women and men of the state who have been disenfranchised by special interests that dominate Trenton.

The only question voters are left with after the debate is what does Phil Murphy actually believe and who will he be working for? The people of New Jersey or himself, because it isn’t clear to anyone.


John Wisniewski has served in the New Jersey General Assembly since 1995. As Chairman of the Transportation Committee, Wisniewski led the fight against former Governor Jon Corzine’s attempt to privatize and sell the New Jersey Turnpike and first exposed Governor Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal. He is the former New Jersey State Democratic Party Chair and recently chaired U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential effort in the Garden State. Born and raised in Sayreville, Assemblyman Wisniewski is an attorney and small business owner in his hometown.