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Joe Domitrowich In Carmel, CA (April)

Joe Domitrowich accompanies
Nino Gennaro

The Lugano Swiss Bistro in Carmel, California serves up authentic Swiss cuisine and atmosphere. The owners, Nargis and Andre Lengacher, are delightful hosts and good friends. On many weekend nights they offer live music with a small dance floor. On Saturday April 20, we visited them for dinner and to enjoy Joe Domitrowich’s masterful accordion, on which he served up German, Swiss, Polish, Czech, and Italian music, mixing up polkas, waltzes, rumbas, and other European varieties. And we love visiting with the fun-loving regulars, who harken from Germany and Sicily. They celebrate Gemütlichkeit, joining Joe on vocals, dancing with gusto, and just having a good time.   Joe was in great form as was Nino Gennaro, a Sicilian-born fisherman, was recently featured in the local newspaper where he detailed his recipe for crab cakes. Nino sang “Mala Femmina” and many other popular, old Italian tunes. His brother Joe did an operatic version of “O sole mio” and Erna Warrick did a medley of German tunes. It’s marvelous to see so many couples on a small floor dancing up a storm, courteously flowing and avoiding others. And the food – we can’t resist the fondue, salads, and, of course the Matterhorn ice cream dish bathed in chocolate and caramel.