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Joe Bajuk At Sonoma Moose Lodge

Bajuk Trio at the Sonoma Moose Lodge

The Bajuk Trio performed on back to back Sundays at the Moose Lodge in Sonoma. We caught the guys on Sunday, June 30th, but missed the gig on the following weekend owing to a conflict with the wedding of my nephew. The Joe Bajuk Trio includes Stefan Kochishan on sax and clarinet and Anthony Krische on drums. Joe is masterful on the button accordion and has composed and recorded several dozen tunes. Joe was nominated for a Grammy a couple of years ago along with Bobby Kravos and others on a joint CD. The Trio pumps out great Slovenian style music and Joe occasionally throws in one of his own tunes, including my favorite “Chili Donuts.” Joe had shoulder surgery September of 2012, resulting in pain radiating down his arm, which put a halt to his playing accordion. Thankfully the pain has subsided and Joe is back in action.

The Sonoma Moose Lodge has polka dancing every Sunday from 4-8pm. The dances are well attended with a lively bunch of regulars who dance just about every dance. The 100+ degree heat didn’t keep this group away. The “polka nuts” award goes to Yves and Annette Casabone who danced to the Steve Balich Band from 1 to 4pm in San Jose and then hustled 2 hours to Sonoma to catch the Bajuk Trio. After all, if it’s Sunday, it’s polka time in