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Jeb Bush’s Jaunt To Poland

(Sunday, June 7, 2015) Today, members of the National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee, including the former chairman of the Polish American Association, released the following statements regarding Jeb Bush’s upcoming trip to Poland.

Jeb Bush refuses to support a pathway to citizenship. He has also refused to support policies – like greater access to affordable higher education – that matter to immigrants across the country.

“The people of Poland, nor Polish Americans cannot take Jeb Bush’s visit to Poland seriously because he doesn’t take the issues that we care about seriously. Polish Americans want a President who has our back by embracing a path to citizenship, greater access to higher education, and increasing the minimum wage. Jeb Bush, like other Republicans running for President, is only looking out for corporations and the wealthy, not immigrants or the middle class.” – Darek Barcikowski, National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee

“The announcement of his candidacy is only days away, and while this jaunt might produce some good photo ops, don’t expect anything of substance to be accomplished. Instead of trying to boost his abysmal foreign policy credentials in 72 hours, he should spend time with immigrants here and try to get it right on policies that would actually work for immigrant families.”  – Maureen C. Pikarski, National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee

“If Jeb Bush really wants to connect with Polish Americans, he’ll quit his dance on immigration reform, and embrace a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.” –Conrad C. Nowak, Former Chairman, Polish American Association

Submitted by National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council