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Jamestown “Polonians” Grant
Still Accepting Research Applications

CHICAGO–   The Hon. Aurelia Pucinski and Detroit based Henrietta Nowakowski have jointly announced an extension for applications for the Jamestown Polish Research grant until December 31, 2016. (Photo caption: Making Tar At Jamestown From Pine Wood – Conjectural sketch)

Historical records indicate that the Jamestown Colony included immigrants from England, but not much history is known about some of the first residents known as “Polonians.”  Research on these Polonians is limited and this project hopes to expand scholarly research on the Polonians themselves.  What was their role in the Jamestown Colony?  How did they come to be in Jamestown, and the work they did there?  Also, it is expected the focus would include their role in the work stoppage in 1619.

Mission statement: To obtain proposals and encourage serious research on the Poles of Jamestown

Objective: The purpose of this project is:

(1) To establish through independent research the nature of the work the Polonians of the Jamestown Colony performed,

(2) To document their work stoppage using original materials and documents not before cited, and

(3) To write an appropriate academically well-documented paper as a result of the research.

Method:  The recipient of the grant will be expected to research original documents and materials relevant to the Jamestown Colony and its history, the men and women who were part of the Jamestown Colony.  Who were the men involved that financed and managed the colony?  What role did the Virginia Company of London play?  Were there more Polish immigrants besides the glassmakers?  This research project is focused on building a more robust body of original research and to clarify these and other historical issues.

Stipend:  $5000 plus a limited travel allowance, subject to approval in advance.

Who is Eligible:  Any U.S., Canadian or U. K. college or above history student or researcher with credentials that demonstrate an ability to locate original materials, research them and develop information from them.  This may be demonstrated by submitting previously prepared or published research papers, or letters of reference from three professors who have had an opportunity to review the applicant’s work.

Application:  Any person interested in this project should submit, by email, a resume, three letters of reference, which can be corroborated, school transcripts demonstrating formal education at or above the college level in the field of history.  A passion for Colonial American history is a plus.  Also include writing samples to .  Persons applying should be prepared for an interview in person (in Chicago, IL), by phone, or by skype.

Submitted by Raymond Rolak