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Dec 1, 2023

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It’s Nice To Have Choices

We had great choices for the first weekend of 2014: Gruber Family Band (GBF) performing at the Polka Boosters club in Sacramento and Mollie B performing at the Sons of Italy in Fontana. Wife Gail is membership chairperson for the Polka Boosters and it would seem appropriate that she attend. And Michael Kramar, accordionist for GBF, purchased an accordion from Mel Stodola in Southern California which I had picked up for delivery to Michael. So, we opted for Polka Boosters in Sacramento.

POLKA_BOOSTER_GBF_002forweb  The NFL playoffs had just started and the San Francisco 49ers were contesting the Carolina Panthers. We were delighted with the crowd that chose polka. Or did they? The game was on the TV in the bar and at any time there were as many people in the bar as there were on the dance floor. Folk would pop out for a dance and then hustle back to the bar to get an update. The local team won and everyone, save one immigrant from North Carolina, cheered. He wiped the tears from his eyes and he danced off.

In photo: Champion Chicken Dancers at Polka Booster

GBF played magnificently as usual. This is the first time that GBF has performed at Polka Boosters and the attendees were stunned with their versatility and musicality. They played 4-5 audience participation numbers (rock ‘n roll) which drew everyone onto the dance floor in front of the band,  rocking and rolling, while Martin Kramar joined the group from the stage and did his best Elvis impersonation  – thank you very much, uh huh.

The next Polka Booster dance is on Super Bowl Sunday – this will be a true testament to the drawing power of GBF. Stay tuned.