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Apr 20, 2024

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It Will Make Sense To You Sooner Or Later

It seems that we become frustrated and impatient when things do not come together as planned or, we are surprised by something……sooner or later.

There is a Master Plan that surrounds us, and no matter how much we try to change or circumvent the circumstances….push and pull with all your might, it just won’t happen.

But, it will make sense to you sooner or later.  “The later” may be years later, and in the meantime you are mentally beating yourself up and stagnating in your life. What a waste of time, energy and your precious life.

Each and every person that crosses our path does so for a purpose, either theirs or yours. As life unfolds you look back and if you are honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you learned and grew by the experience.  What you thought that you could depend on, look up to, or always having, is passing you by, not standing still and stuck in cement!

You marry, or hope to marry and then what you expect out of the relationship turns out to be “a shock to your system”.  What you think in your head may be just the opposite of your partner’s thoughts. No surprise here……not unless you are living in a fairy tale.  But, it will “make sense to you sooner or later”.

People look at each other and try to “size up the other person” so that they have the “upper hand over them”.  Good luck with that!  Little do some people admit to, but “you really cannot tell a book by its cover”…..better to use your intuition.  But, sooner or later whatever is going on “will make sense to you”.

Do not push people in a direction that they may not want to go….. “sooner or later it will make sense to you”.  Maybe all their cards aren’t on the table, so to speak, but have no fear, “it’ll make sense to you sooner or later”.  Nothing is for naught; every purpose, place and event has a meaning in your life.  People that you looked up to, “may need to look up to you” to learn a lesson in their life.

Example:  Just like the man who takes out his girlfriend only on a Friday night, Saturday nights “he saves for the wife”.  If either of you are making excuses for his absence on a Saturday night and you haven’t figured it out yet (God help you)…. “it is bound to make sense to you sooner or later” ……that maybe he is married!

Volume XII – Article 67