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Is Someone Getting In Your Face?


There is no better way to intimidate someone other than eye to eye contact, and talking over them, or talking them down.  Some people today do not stop at anything!  They want what they want and how they want it.  If you do not agree with them it does not matter to them, that is a moot point as far as they are concerned.

They will go from you to the next person who may be in line above you, to the person above them….non-stop.  It becomes a challenge and a game to win with them. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste any breath, it is meaningless to “the steam-roller” on a self-proposed mission to accomplish what they want.  Rules to them are meaningless and they only apply to other people as far as they are concerned.

Another faux-pas is on “getting advice from a professional” as to how to deal with an issue that you have.

I was getting my nails done, and much to my surprise a woman who did not know me from Adam started talking to me about her life’s trials and tribulations, and decisions she needed to make….back and forth, on and on she went.  Waffling what to do, should I, shouldn’t I?  She was knocking me out with her lack of normalcy and looking for advice from me and whoever else would make eye contact with her.  “Should I sell my house, should I stay where I am?  Do you think it is better to clean out the basement or re-do the kitchen first?  I was offered a job, but I don’t know if I should take it or not, I have clients that I see, but I can always re-arrange their hours”.  So, then I thought to myself, why not give it a whirl and ask her what she does for a living…..and  let me tell you I just knew that this was coming….she said “I’m a psychologist.”

Imagine that!  I was ready to send her MY BILL!  Going to someone else to get a handle on your problem…when the person you are confiding in, looks to be “out to lunch”!  They may look good on paper, but street sense can never compare with book sense, the two ride down separate highways in your life.

So, if someone is “getting in your face”, you’ve got your own reservoir of common sense and self-preservation.  Walk the other way and leave them standing there sputtering and stuttering and flailing their arms….you have better things to do.  Let them fizzle out! You don’t need someone else to tell you that!

Volume XII, Article 71