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Intrigue and Terrorism
Jumps From The Headlines

UrbanMatter contributor Bob Nesoff’s Book, Spyder Hole, is a triumph. –

By Ross Warren

A former U.S. Army Green Beret, now working in the shadowy world of covert international spy agencies, could have stopped the attacks on 9-11, but he never connects the dots.  Now he’s he has new information and is hot on the trail of terrorists bent on detonating nuclear weapons in New York and London.

This time he won’t let it happen.

Bob Nesoff author and journalist, tells the fast-moving story of international intrigue that has been compared to the pace of the Indiana Jones movies by retired U.S. Army Major General Thomas Needham, himself a former Green Beret in Vietnam.

The novel follows Israeli Mossad Col. Dan Halevi as he tracks down the terrorists.  He forms an international strike force consisting of the CIA, Green Berets, British MI-6 and their elite special forces SAS, and the Israeli Mossad and deadly Sayaret Matkal, headed at one time by Ehud Barak.

Spyder Hole opens with an idyllic scene on the beach at Eilat, Israelis and Arabs both enjoying the sun and warm water. Hesh Whitman and his new bride, Shoshanna, are enjoying the last days of their honeymoon when suddenly there is an onslaught of gunfire from terrorists making their way over the dunes. The quiet beach has become a bloodbath and Whitman a widower.

He will become the terrorists worst nightmare. Whitman is a Mossad agent and will spare nothing to wreak revenge.

His boss, Dan Halevi, an American ex-patriot now working as a Mossad officer, blew the opportunity to stop the 911 attack in New York. Intelligence indicates the terrorists are on the move again with a plot to detonate nuclear weapons in New York and London. This time he vows not to let it happen.

Spyder Hole enters the minds of the terrorists as well as though working against them. It develops characters on both sides. It is explosive from the assassination of former Nazi killers in Latin America to that of an Arab diplomat riding with his family around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

It moves through the almost deserted highways of North Korea to the desert of Iran where the nuclear weapons are being assembled. The pace slackens only to suddenly intensity just as you’ve begin to relax.

Halevi is charged with forming an international unit of intelligence agencies from the CIA and Mossad to Britain’s vaunted MI-6. Add to that American Green Berets, the British SAS and the feared Israeli Sayaret Matkal, the deadly unit that rescued the hostages in Uganda.

With hair raising tension the unit is able to thwart the planned attacks in New York and London only to find out that the terrorists have a third bomb being assembled in Iran, courtesy of Kim Jung Un, the maniacal dictator of North Vietnam.

The mission-stop the assembly without leaving any trace that they had been in Iran. No light lunch of a job.

The assembled international force moves in for an explosive ending costing the life of a main character.

Nesoff is an Army veteran and served in the 390th Combat Engineers, 77th Infantry Division and was discharged as a staff sergeant in the 11th Special Forces Group, a Green Beret unit.

He and his wife, the former Sandy Levine, have written a travel column together for more than three decades and both are award winning journalists.

They have traveled extensively around the world from China and Tahiti to Africa and throughout Europe.  They visited Croatia shortly after the bullets stopped flying.  These travels have given him the ability to place his books in familiar territory and give the reader the feeling of “feet on the ground” experience.

Bob is working on the sequel to “Spyder Hole,” a novel that will follow Dan Halevi and his international coalition, named “The Ghost Force,” in a new book entitled “Shaheed.”

Spyder Hole has been rated 4.5 stars on Amazon. It is available at, Barnes & For a personally autographed copy send a check for $20 and the name you’d like inscribed to: Bob Nesoff, 626 McCarthy Dr., New Milford, NJ 07646-1029.