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May 21, 2024

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Inspiring Evening With Urszula Dudziak

NEW YORK CITY – Urszula Dudziak, the acclaimed Polish jazz vocalist who recently turned seventy, looks twenty-five years younger. When on Friday, April 25th, she appeared at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York City, for an evening dedicated to her, she assured the audience that anyone can look as well as she does. “I am a living example that everything is possible,” she announced, and added that she had just gotten engaged. Ms. Dudziak, who wore a blue suit, beige high heels, and light make-up, promoted her new book, the autobiographical Wyspiewam wam wszystko (I Will Sing You Everything), as well as her new record, Wszystko Gra (Everything Works). Ms. Dudziak entertained the New York audience with funny anecdotes from her life; she also recited poetry and improvised parts of her songs. When Ms. Anna Frajlich, professor of Polish Literature at Columbia University, asked her to hum the old Polish classic “Kasztany” (“Chestnuts”), Ms. Dudziak performed almost the entire song without accompaniment. Ms. Dudziak also encouraged women to challenge the stereotype that at a certain age they should slow down, and called herself a “fulfilled woman.”

                                           By Ewa Bronowicz

Consul General with Urszula Dudziak