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In Memoriam – Chester Grabowski

ChesterGrabowskiagainOne Year Anniversary – April 25, 2012

It is written, when your days on earth are finished, let your monument be a living flame in the hearts of others. Well Dad, you have multiple flames all over this earthly plane.

You were a servant to your fellow men, which is the greatest profession on this earth; for a useful man is the world’s right hand. Your dedication was the Love and Truth of the Polish people. Through your dream, which was the Post Eagle Newspaper, you fought for the truth about the Poles. Some people didn’t understand at times, and just seen negativity written, which wasn’t for the purpose of blaming, but for bringing out the truth, which is what God’s laws are about.

You made miracles come about through God’s strength, which were put into you. You helped build the beautiful Mothers hospital in your homeland (Poland), helped couples in adopting Polish babies from Poland, fought against the Polish jokes, which were cruel and inappropriate, helped to uplift the Polish image and promote pride in our heritage, ran for political offices to make a difference in the world, fought to seek a position for the Polish people in a government seat.

We can go on and on to tell the greatness you have done for your people. But most of all Dad, you took care of your family, instilling the great qualities you had to offer to your children, especially Love which is what our existence is about in this world. You taught us about values, and even what consequences we would have to pay for going on the wrong path in life.

It’s been a year now without you on this earth, but we have been blessed with you always in our hearts, souls and spirits every day, which keeps us at peace. You were always a giver, always forgave, and loved everyone, which are God’s ways of life. Truth evolves by natural forces, and if one man is credited with the fruits of his labors, it is because he has been CHOSEN, for many are called. NUFF SAID.

As always Dad, keep sending us the blessings, strength, and graces, from the Almighty God to allow us to keep your dream going.

With all our love, and prayers, Your Children

EDITOR’S NOTE: Chester Grabowski founded the Post Eagle in October 1963.