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Jul 13, 2024

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Illinois Comptroller Meets With
Polish Advisory Board

Board discusses fiscal challenges facing social service organizations

CHICAGO – Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger recently met with her Polish American Advisory Board at the Polish National Alliance and highlighted the importance of open communication between government and community leaders in these tough economic times.

In a successful second meeting, the Board got right to business discussing the state’s financial situation and strategies for tackling the challenges ahead. The group spoke about the effects of state payment delays and shared details for minimizing financial hardships for nonprofits. Meetings will continue to be held to keep an ongoing dialogue.

A full list of Polish American Advisory Board Members is available at

Illinois Comptroller photo release

In photo. Back Row: John Cieslik, Small Business Ombudsman, Comptroller’s Office; Walter Zarnecki; Robert Radkowski, Vice President, Polish & Slavic Credit Union; Marian Grabowski, Treasurer, Polish National Alliance; Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger; Frank Spula, President, Polish National Alliance; Adam J. Grabowski, President, Polish American Contractors Builders Association; Dr. Geraldine Balut Coleman, Chicago Bureau Chief, Polish American Journal Newspaper; Peter Shultz, VicePresident, Ampol Group Front Row: Margaret Grabowski, President, ECI Green, Inc.; Maria Ciesla, Former President, Polish Museum of America; Joan Smuda, Illinois Attorney General’s Office; Bozenna Haszlakiewicz, President, Legion of Young Polish Women; Irene Moskal – Del Giudice, FormerPresident, Polish American Congress. Photo By Teresa Potasiak