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If Life Was Easy


It took a lot of years and numerous experiences before I would ever admit to myself that there is a lot of truth to this statement.  The only problem is, it is our human nature to pooh, pooh what we see in exchange for something easy. Nothing in this life “is easy”.  We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience which may be a shock to our equilibrium.

Look at some examples of marriage relationships that started off “like a dream come true”, and wound up being…. “who the bleep did I marry?”!  Everything may look good from the outside, but it is what is going on on the inside of a person or place that counts!

It is getting stranger and stranger because there are too many people who have too many issues whether real or make believe to them.  These people get entangled with other people who are innocent and clueless about what they may be dealing with.

There is one person I know that I have actually come to the conclusion that they may be “certified multiple personalities”. One day one personality….another day…you are asking yourself, “who is this”?  If you are living with a dual personality, it will take your breath away…I’m sure.

What side of the bed did you get up on?  Some people joke about this, but this is a major wake up call!

Too easy……something is wrong and then the person acts like an animal being under attack….they are acting out….(that they believe that their life is not easy for them.)

Nothing in life is easy, get used to that fact and you won’t have the “woe is me” syndrome…’ll just keep rolling along and letting it all roll off your back…..with a smile on your face.  You’ll live longer that way!

  Always remember, no one cares about what you are thinking….they are too wrapped up in themselves.

Volume XII, Article 79