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Icons of Traditional Polish Culture
To Livestream Concert

WARSAW, POLAND – Traditional Polish folk ensemble ‘Mazowsze’ have been performing for nearly 70 years – and now they’re going digital.

Their upcoming concert (June 24, 2017) will be performed in a theater on the edge of a Polish forest – but will also be livestreamed across the world. This means that Polish communities all over the world will have the chance to reconnect with their culture.

Although Mazowsze regularly perform in different parts of the world, not everyone is able to see them. But thanks to the internet, they now have that opportunity. The concert will be broadcast in HD (720p), which means it can be enjoyed on anything from a smartphone to a large television. It will also be available to watch online for some time in Full HD (1020p).

Mazowsze (pronounced ma-ZOV-sheh) is a much-cherished part of Polish culture, a household name in Poland, and one of the largest artistic ensembles in the world. Their show is a fully choreographed music and dance spectacular in which troupes of dancers, dressed in a wide range of folkloric costumes, take the audience on a journey through Poland’s rich cultural heritage. A combination of song, dance and incantation, it is truly a sight to behold.

The ensemble came into being shortly after the Second World War, the fulfillment of a wartime promise between Composer Tadeusz Sygietyński and actress Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska. The group was officially formed in 1948, by decree of the Minister of Culture and Art, and in 1951 began touring the world. Its legacy continues to this day.

Anyone with an interest in international culture would appreciate such a show, but it will be of particular interest to the global Polish community. Around 20 million people of Polish origin live outside of Poland. This event will give them the chance to reconnect with their cultural heritage. Or indeed to experience it for the very first time.



The concert will take place on 24 June, 2017. The broadcast starts from 2:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (8:30pm in Poland) with the main concert at 3pm EDT (9pm in Poland).

The initial broadcast will be live and in HD (720p). It will subsequently be available for on-demand viewing up until 12 August 2017 in Full HD (1080p).

You can access both the broadcast and on-demand viewing at for a one-off fee of US$5, €5, or 20 Polish zloty. Payment is taken securely via credit card.

The technical aspects of the livestream are being managed by Nadaje Broadcasting in cooperation with content delivery network, and

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