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May 21, 2024

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I Love Poland Wins Her First Regatta!

I Love Poland yacht won her first regatta – St. Maarten Heineken Regatta! Polish yachtsmen led by skipper Jarosław Kaczorowski finished first in their class in realtime outpacing its competition. I Love Poland yacht is a part of a project of the same name created by the Polish National Foundation.

The crew had been training intensely in the last days of February to reach top efficiency for their first race. Many months of preparations led them to victory.

“Our sailors trained hard. It’s a great privilege to be a part of the team, which managed to take line honours already in its racing debut. I LOVE POLAND is a training project, so the very participation in the race was already a huge challenge. I’m happy that the Polish National Foundation decided to carry it out. The effects of the trainings are already visible in the form of our first victory, which we will bring home,”  said Darek Pękala, Sailing Projects Adviser, the Polish National Foundation. “This is how the future of the Polish yacht racing is built,” he added.

The Polish crew is composed of: Jarosław Kaczorowski, Grzegorz Baranowski, Zbigniew Gutkowski, Jakub Marciniak, Jan Chudzik, Adam Kominek, Maksymilian Pawłowski, Bartosz Nowicki, Marek Gałkiewicz, Jacek Piasecki, Maciej Gnatowski, Darek Pękala and Bartosz Biliński.

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is still going on. Next races will soon take place in Havana and Miami. On their way back from America, the crew will visit New York. We shall inform about the details of I Love Poland’s next starts in subsequent press releases.

Polish National Foundation


I LOVE POLAND is a pioneer and serious attempt to establish a “Polish sea yacht racing school”. This aim drives the Polish National Foundation, which finances the project. Thanks to this endeavour, the Polish crew is able to compete with top yachtsmen.
This sporting project allows “I Love Poland” yacht and its Polish crew to participate in the most prestigious regatta in the world. Such events attract the attention of thousands of viewers and are broadcasted all over the world by national TV stations. The regattas are also covered by the most important web portals. “I Love Poland” will visit ports worldwide promoting Poland.
“I Love Poland” is a technologically advanced vessel and one of the most modern yachts in the world. It will provide a training platform for the young generation of Polish ocean racing yachtsmen.